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A letter from Director Beckles

Dear Friends,

Welcome to my senatorial campaign!

For more than a decade I’ve proudly served the East Bay fighting for working families, a clean environment, safety and equity. I did all of this while working full-time as a Mental Health Specialist and Wraparound facilitator for over 20 years.

As a Richmond City Council member, I helped usher in a suite of progressive reforms that transformed our City — collecting $100 million in new taxes from Chevron, instituting a $15 minimum wage, creating the first California rent control in thirty years. I’m especially proud of our groundbreaking “Ban the Box” legislation, which allows formerly incarcerated people to seek work with dignity.

Despite a multimillion-dollar campaign against my re-election, I won a second term and went on to work with my colleagues on the Council and the Richmond Progressive Alliance to bring about real progressive change. I am not afraid to stand up to powerful interests to protect the rights of those whose voices are not being heard.

Currently I sit on the AC Transit Board, Ward 1, where I have continued bringing in progressive values and equity for transit users.

Now I’m running for State Senate, to become the only first Black Latina, LGBTQ, immigrant to the California State Senate. and to bring true, progressive representation to all of District 7 (formerly District 9, served by Nancy Skinner whose term is ending in 2024).

Please join this innovative, transformative campaign: People powered and corporate free.


Jovanka Beckles

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