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Fighting Corporate Greed

Getting Results

For over a decade, Jovanka has been making national headlines for victories against big corporations like Chevron. She stands up against conservative special interests that sow hate and discord in our communities.

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“It's extraordinary. This is a celebration of democracy.

This means that big money doesn't always win, that ordinary people can defeat huge corporate power.”

Chevron’s $3 million backfires in Richmond election

Jovanka is fighting to deliver common sense, progressive results — for all of us:

Women, families, and children

As a State Senator, Jovanka will continue fighting for: Paid time off, free early childcare, and women's reproductive rights.

$100m funding


In 2014, Chevron Corporation and its right-wing allies spent an unprecedented $3 million in an attempt to defeat Jovanka and influence Richmond City Council. Jovanka won — and kept receipts! She took Chevron to task over their rampant pollution and made them pay taxes. In total, she secured over $100 million to put toward benefiting our community, our youth, and our seniors.


Min. Wage Hike


On the Richmond City Council, Jovanka fought to win raises for Richmond workers. Her leadership earned widespread support, propelling Richmond's powerful worker-led movement to become an inspiration for future “Fight for 15” struggles elsewhere in the state.

Fair Hiring


Jovanka forged the path forward to ban rampant unfair hiring practices, winning access to jobs and housing for thousands of East Bay residents, previously subject to discrimination.

“'Ban The Box' Ordinance In California City Is Landmark Move” Read how Jovanka's effort became a landmark for racial justice and equity experts across the nation: Huff Post (Huffington Post) logo GARE logo

As a State Senator, Jovanka will continue fighting for: Fair wages, power in our workplaces, and reforming prop 13.

Our whole physical and mental health

As a State Senator, Jovanka will continue fighting for: Quality healthcare and education, as human rights, and free to all of us.

34 Years of Service

Jovanka's mental healthcare work with youth to overcome challenging circumstances has personally inspired and uplifted thousands of East Bay residents, making her a powerful advocate for everyone's right to healthcare.

“Jovanka is the Real Deal” - Listen to a mother's passionate story about her son:

Our climate

Transit Re-Opened


Jovanka successfully re-opened key Berkeley and Richmond bus-lines that provide transit resources to under-served residents, and fought tirelessly to win hazard pay for transit workers during the pandemic.

“Green, expanded public transit” - Jovanka unified urbanists, riders, and unions, behind her bold 2020 AC Transit campaign.

As a State Senator, Jovanka will continue fighting for: A Green New Deal for the East Bay, starting with seamless, green, zero-emission public transit, that we keep accessible and fare-free for all.

Working homeowners and tenants

As a State Senator, Jovanka will continue fighting for: Housing that works for us as a human right, not the big landlords and developers.

Rent Control


Jovanka earned praise for her victories for standing up to conservative interests and supporting rent control in Richmond, fiercely fighting evictions of East Bay renters and home-owners alike.

“This is a watershed moment for renters throughout the region and the state”, Richmond Is First California City in Decades to Pass Rent Control
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